Solemnity of All Saints Time Year B - 1/11/2015 - Gospel: Mt 5: 1-12a
God's family
God's family is very much like our family on earth where parents and children live in harmony under one roof. We share our tasks and share our concerns and love and give support to one another. Apart from parents and children we often see photos of grandparents or even great grandparents and aunties and uncles. Some of the memorial photos have friends of our grandparents whom we have had ever heard of. These black and white stained and faded photos serve to bring back memories of our love ones who had gone before us. These photos we treasure and they remind us to remember the good work they have done and their love for us. No matter how many generations have been handed down to us, once they were part of our family they remain that way forever. We great grand children enjoy the benefit of their hard labour even though they are invisible to us. Like our parents they believe what others talk about their parents and we believe what our parents say about our grandparents. We love and respect and honour them. Without their love our parents wouldn't be around and we wouldn't have come into existence.

The feasts of all Saints and souls are the celebrations of one family of God's people who once lived on earth like us and when they had completed their pilgrimage they return to God whom they had been faithful to and love Him all their lives. We celebrate the lives of thousands named and unnamed who had gone before us and marked with the sign of faith. Their holiness of life, their works of charity, their humility and their faithfulness to God are not forgotten but we celebrate it from time to time and the Church dedicates the entire month of November to celebrate with joy and hope.

We celebrate with joy because these people had used their own lives to tell us that all good things come from God. Things seem to be impossible for human power and wisdom but with God's grace they had made God's will manifested throughout their lives. God welcomes them into God's kingdom and made their fervent prayers and hope become a reality. They are in heaven to enjoy the results of their good deeds. We celebrate with joy because these holy men and women who had found ways that inspire us by their holy way of life and that made the Beatitudes to ease the burden of life for many. The saints are willing to show us how to achieve it through prayers and they make petitions to God on our behalf. Christ transforms our lives on earth now He welcomes them into God's kingdom.

We celebrate with hope because the resurrection of Christ has defeated the dawn and sadness of death. We celebrate with hope because when life is ended on earth and begins a new life in heaven. We celebrate with hope because the new life knows no tears or pain because we live in the glory of the resurrection of Jesus who is the source of eternal life and love.