32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 8/11/2015 - Gospel: Mk 12: 41-44
Everyone has some knowledge of a local area where that person grew up and with travel or studies we gain more knowledge of other parts of the world. Some have studied deep in one single particular field and they become experts of that field.  But even experts aren't bold enough to make claims that there is no stone in that particular field of studies which is unturned. We are ignorance of both visible world and the spiritual one. The more we explore; the deeper we enter into it and soon recognize the vastness, the limitless of it and we are amazed to know how little we really know about it. Thirsting for knowledge is the main force that helps us to learn more while arrogant stops us to learning.

Jesus warns His audience about the arrogant of the Scribes who loved to dress well and be recognized in public places and received honour at banquets. Such public recognition demands would have come from their hearts because their hearts' desires are displayed in garments they wear; behaviours they show to the public and the honour they exhibit to the people. These signs manifest that they relied on the public approval for their security and self worth. Tell me where you place your trust and I tell you where you place your heart because trusting and a heart go hand in hand. When we place our trust in God then our heart is totally in God; when we place our trust to the world then our heart is totally for the world. Choose to love God and place our heart in Him and when our love meets the heart of God, trust has been born. God will enlist us into doing His mission because trust and responsibility go together. God invites us to take up the mission Jesus had begun on earth. The urgent and holy mission which is not for everyone but it is reserved for those who love God with all their heart. Those who give God lip service appear to do the same mission in the name of God but it is for their own glory rather than to God's.

We can't master what is visible and it is much harder to learn about the invisible world. Fortunately we have Jesus who, originally came from God and is willing to show us the way of God. His way requires learning with simplicity and humility, starting with the acceptance of God's love and mercy. It is the basic foundation and the most important foundation to learn more about God's love and mercy. Without simplicity and humility one can't start to learn about God's love and mercy.

Jesus praised the poor widow who donated only two coins to the temple. She is praised not about the quantity of her contribution but because of the quality, her simplicity and genuineness which came from her heart. She gave more than others simply because it is not the money she gave but her heart.