34th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 20/11/2022 - Gospel: Lc 23: 35-43
King Forever
An earthly king rules for a period of time and when he dies, and a new one is enthroned, there will be new policies and rules for his kingdom. The power of this world, no matter how strong and powerful it is, one day will crumble, and also destroys the hope of those who have faith in earthly kings. Unlike kings and rulers of this world, Jesus Christ, King of the universe, His kingdom lasts forever. His universal policy 'saving the lost Lk 19,10' lasts till the end of the world, and the rule of love in His kingdom lasts forever.

The celebration of the Feast of Christ the King confirms a single truth, that Jesus 'a newborn King', who comes to live amongst and die to liberate the whole human race from the power of sin and death. At Christmas, we joyfully celebrate the birth of Jesus, King of the universe, who was proclaimed by the angels (Lk 2,11). This proclamation was affirmed by the delightful visitation of the three wise men known as the Feast of the Epiphany. These men represent people from all corners of the earth, who arrived to Bethlehem to pay homage to the newborn King. Encountering the infant king they were filled with joy, while the present ruler at the time, king Herod, heard the news of the new born king, he trembled (Mt 2,16).

The celebrations of the Feast, Jesus Christ, King of the universe, and the birth of Jesus, are two separate celebrations, and yet they are united as one single reciprocal celebration of the kingship of Christ. Originally, the feast of Christ the King was celebrated just before the Feast of All Saints and all souls to emphasize that Jesus Christ is the King of heaven. His kingdom begins in the hearts of his faithful on earth, and is extended beyond this earth, to his heavenly kingdom, where only love of God and love of others exists. The heavenly kingdom is confirmed by Jesus himself. At his trial, Pilate confronted him about his kingdom. He responded to Pilate that his kingdom is not of this world and that 'He was born to be king' (Lk 22,4). Later on, on the cross, Jesus promised to give paradise to the repentant thief, who pleaded with him. Jesus promised him that, 'Today you will be with me in paradise' Lk 32,43. His enemy mocked him and made fun of his kingship Lk 23,37.

We are allowed to share the kingship of Christ at our baptism. We are baptised in his name and share his victory over the power of sin and death. Like the repentant thief, we live in hope of his promise that, 'His second coming' to gather those who are faithful to follow his way of love. Jesus is not the King of this material world but the King of the heavenly realm, who rules people with love.

Jesus is King forever. By the power of his love, he has defeated death; he crushed the power of sin; torn the veil of suffering; dried the tears on our cheeks, and quenched our thirst for peace and justice. In his kingdom, there is only one single rule, and that is the law of love, which would never change. It remains the same, right from the beginning of creation till eternity. God is love, and by this love, the universe came to be and His kingdom remains. He is the King of true love, and where there is true love, there is peace and prosperity. God's love destroys war, and persecution and all human selfish desires cease to exist.

The cross of Christ displayed all human brutality. His three days in the tomb empties all human glory. When he walked out of the tomb, he left behind all earthly things. All glory of this world remains in the world simply because they are worthless in God's kingdom.

We profess Jesus is our king here, now, and after.