3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 26/1/2020 - Gospel: Mt 4:12-23 
Light and Salvation
Light and darkness are the two states of a human life. A person's mind and heart dictate our life: walk in the Light, or follow darkness. Light and darkness have nothing to do with our physical eye sight. A person with good eye sight may walk in darkness, while a person who is being locked up in a dark cell can see the truth. The eyes of a person's mind and heart play a vital role in seeing Jesus' new way of life. His new way of life will secure happiness in this life, and thereafter, in everlasting life. Both the power of the Light and of darkness attract a person by giving joy and happiness to life. The difference is that true joy and happiness originate from within, from a human heart, flowing out like a well- spring, that makes a person content; while the other depends on substances. Consequently it costs a person financially, and causes harm to their well being. Jesus called us to repent, to turn away from the power of darkness. He called us to embrace the true joy, happiness, and everlasting joy, that last long in this world and in the world to come.
Jesus called the two sets of brothers: Peter and his brother Andrew, and James and John, to follow him. It is the call to a different way of life. Enjoyment of their present life depends on the catch of each day. It is a life without security; some days they labour in vain, catching nothing. The new life Jesus offered would secure their happiness. He called them to show the world, that his teaching, the new way of life, gives true everlasting joy and happiness He alone has to offer. John's arrest means that the power of darkness can play an upper hand over the power of the Light. Jesus moved to Capernaum. He who is the Light, would confront the powers of darkness and lock them up in their place. He would do it at the cost of his life.

Seven hundred years earlier, Assyria took the land of Zebulin and Napthali, and scattered the ten tribes of the Northern kingdom. Jesus' ministry is about to restore the ten lost tribes that Ezekiel 34 talked about. Choosing Capernaum for his public ministry was a strategic move, because this boom town was a commercial hub with traders coming from all over the world. With the short period of time Jesus had, his message would spread wide and far. Commercial people often embrace a new idea and they would quickly grab the opportunity of the new way of life Jesus proposed. Being occupied by the Assyrians, and later on, the Roman, both gentile rulers, Zebulun and Naphtali from the land of darkness and death. Darkness of a human mind and heart can darken the land, but not the other way round. It may weaken the light of a human mind and heart, but it could never extinguish it. Strict rules applied to the land conquerors occupied, leaving the majority of people to labour in poverty. Having not enough food to eat or clean water to drink was the cause of diseases and sickness. Jesus healed their sickness to show God's compassion and love. He fulfilled what Isaiah envisaged, that people will enjoy an abundant life, (Is 25, 6-10). God's light and salvation reached those who dwelt in darkness and death.