Palm Sunday Year C - 14/4/2019 - Gospel: Lk 23: 1-49
Power of The Cross
Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, and it is the last Sunday before Easter. On Palm Sunday, we commemorate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  On Easter Sunday, we celebrate with even more joy than ever, because Jesus, our Saviour and Eternal King, gained eternal life for us. His sacrificial death on the cross removes our sin. His resurrection destroyed  the power of death. We are his children. We share His victory and are heirs of His kingdom.

On Palm Sunday we commemorate that Jesus rode on a donkey to enter Jerusalem, the Holy City. People stood on the roadside and made him feel welcome with great joy. They sang at the top of their voices, singing 'Hosanna', and while their hands waved the palm leaves, their feet danced for joy.  Some took off their cloaks, and placed them on the path on which Jesus was going to pass.
When Jesus told his disciples to get the donkey, He referred to himself as 'The Master'. In this context, the word 'Master' indicates that it is Jesus who is the Master of the entire universe. Instead of people coming to Him, He came to His people in simplicity. He came not with mighty power, accompanied by armed guards, but with love and mercy, to be amongst His people. Riding on a donkey, Jesus is the symbol of peace. He is a peaceful person. He comes to His people with peaceful intentions. The Bible depicts Jesus as the Prince of Peace. Is 9:6

The palm branches were available on the roadside, easy to get and free of charge and within reach for everyone. Jesus was welcomed with simplicity but not without joy and goodness and respect. The throwing of the crowd's cloaks on His path was the visible sign of heartfelt love for their Master. They gave Him everything they had without reserve. It was an act of paying homage and worship. They welcomed Jesus with great joy as their Leader, their king and Messiah. The singing 'Hosanna' meant they were hailing Jesus as King. The word means 'save now'. People were looking at Him as their King, and hoped that, He would lead them to overthrow the Roman Rulers, and restore Israel's independence. They misunderstood that Jesus' mission on earth had nothing to do with any political power. Jesus took on himself a different kind of mission.  Jesus' mission was to restore God's love deep buried in a human heart.  His mission was to free His people from slavery to sin, and the power of darkness. His mission was to offer eternal love and salvation for mankind. Jesus has reversed the meaning of the cross; before His resurrection, the cross was the symbol of capital condemnation; after His resurrection, the cross becomes the symbol of everlasting joy and eternal love.
In this Holy Week, we give our heartfelt thanks to Jesus for the salvation Jesus has gained for us.