6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 11/2/2018 - Gospel: Mk 1:40-45
The outcast
History had shown that the outcast class was obvious and people in that class knew exactly where they belonged to and others in a society expected of them. There are no classes of people in a modern society and but the distinction between the workers and their boss remain. Workers' union was formed to voice the concerns and rights of workers in a modern society because it seeks to treat everyone with equal rights. By laws racism ceased to exist but in reality it is rather hard to define the scale and what forms it would take. Failing to see values of a person and look down on them and refuse to treat them as who they are do exist in our society. The feeling of being rejected is real. It inflicts pains and hurt on the victims at both physical and mental and spiritual levels. It is done so clever that it is legally correct and it is hidden from the public's eyes and proof left behind. Only the victims feel that they are subjects of being unfairly mistreated.  Bullying at all forms at school yard and internet and domestic violence and the obsessive use of power all are hidden forms of superiority.

Modern society seems to embrace science and technology to the level of being addicted to them.  Others love the arts of human inventions to the point of worship human and its creations and instead of paying homage to the Creator. Some even go further to the extreme in believing that human are the lord of their own destiny. It is another form of misleading human superiority. We believe that humans are important and clever and deserve to be respected and care for but humans themselves have limitations, especially in the matter of spirituality where true love and grace govern. It is not material power that offers a peace of mind but rather it is the spiritual power that helps to see beyond human pains and suffering in the hope of discovering the mystery of human misery. Denying the existence of God who alone is the source of true love and goodness which gives true meaning to misery in life.

When bad things happen civil authority offers some help by making more rules to protect others. Rules are deterrent measures but it fails to heal the victims because the hurt is from within, deep from a human heart and to heal the broken hearted we need God's love and grace and Jesus alone has to offer. At the time of Jesus the sick, blind, leper and lonely gathered in the hope of receiving his healing power. Jesus had pity on them and He stretched out his hands to heal them. They felt that God's healing power had overtaken both their body and soul. The peace of mind returned; their heart was filled with joy; their future brighten again;  their hope returned and their shame vanished. Once they lived in isolation and now are being welcome back to the community and their status restored. We learn from Jesus, not to turn a blind eye or avoid offering help but make a commitment to engage, to be with the suffering and the needy, to be hand and feed of Jesus and most importantly to be the heart of Jesus for others.