2nd Sunday of Easter Year A - 23/4/2017 - Gospel: Jn 20, 19-31
Faith alive
When the soldier nailed Jesus on the cross, they nailed also the hope of his apostles on the cross. Seeing Jesus nailed on the cross made the apostles feel that theirs Master was the dead man and their hope in him was dwindled. The apostles' hope was weakened as they saw Jesus grasp for air but their faith and love for Jesus was stronger and firmer. They recalled his words, his face, his movements and the experience of being loved by Jesus were flooded back to their minds. Years of following Jesus with his gentleness, compassion and love were what they missed most. This love stayed with each individual and with the whole group of the apostles. They were in hiding, not scattered but bonded together for providing support and mourning.

When their hope and faith came to the lowest point they received the good news from the women that Jesus was raised from the death. They looked at each other in consternation and doubt and became more active; some went to the tomb; others stayed in the locked door in the upper room and Jesus appeared to them in person. They were overwhelmed with joy that they couldn't even utter a single word to greet him. Their fear was melted and hope restored and future was brightened. They felt fully alive and began a new life in the Risen Christ. The newness started not from a new day but it stemmed from the Risen Christ. It was through the Risen Lord that their life, their faith and their hope were renewed, fresh and fully alive. Before meeting the risen Lord their life was dark and dull and was lost without a future. They went on living but their lives were purposeless. 
We are living in the world where we spend most time of our time for life enjoyment and relaxation which has not come from our own effort but they were done and promoted by the commercial world. We have found joy on other's people achievement- artists and sports stars- and felt disappointed when our sport star didn't fulfil their expectation. The resurrection of Jesus has opened up a new horizon for those who make their lives related to the risen Lord. The message of Easter calls for more time for family. Jesus said t them

'Do not be afraid, go and tell my brothers that they must leave for Galilee; there they will see me' Mat 28,10

Our first mission is to have more time for family. Our second mission is to have more time for social interactions, especially to have more time for our local faith community. As Jesus commands: Go out to the whole world; proclaim the gospel to all creation Mk 16,15-16

We recognize daily deaths in each one of us in order to enjoy a new life, the death of childhood before we became an adult. Each stages of death in us give us more wisdom and empower us to move forward to another step with stronger hopes and brighter future.

To do that we need a life model to follow because without a life model to follow our life will evolve, not be transformed. The transformation takes place when it is model after someone. In faith the transformation takes place when it is model after the resurrection of Jesus who has been raised from death to life and that he gives eternal love for those who transform their lives after him.