26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 1/10/2017 - Gospel: Mt 21:28-32
A burning heart
Moses recognized God in the burning bush in the Old Testament; the two disciples on the way to the Emmaus recognized the Risen Lord when their hearts were on fire. The disciples went through the tough time. They disagreed with the authority who had misused their authority to judge unjustly of their Master but their language was moderate and kind towards the authority.

The disciples' generosity puts their hearts on fire. Their generosity paid off well when they invited the stranger who happened to be travelling on the same road with them to join in their heart stricken private conversations. The stranger was not only listening to their sad stories with a heart full of compassion but he took the conversations over and went on to explain to them the heavenly purpose beneath these significant events that must happen before God's glory be shown. The two disciples enjoyed the conversation. They recognized the needs and had compassion for a stranger who was on the road by himself at the end of the day. The disciples invited him to stay overnight at their place which would probably include dinner, bed and breakfast next morning.

They recognized Jesus at the breaking of bread. Instead of being served at the table when they had supper, the stranger took the role of the host by taking the bread, he blessed it and broke it and vanished from their sights. Their inner eyes were fully opened that the respect and love they showed for the stranger who had the special gift of tongue when he spoke to them on the road revealed that the stranger indeed was the Risen Jesus disguising himself as a traveller. In this story generosity is the way of the Risen Lord and it is also the way the Lord opened the eyes of one's heart. Cleo mentioned that we had heard him on the road but our heart was not burning and the breaking of bread reminds them of the Last Supper and they saw and recognized the risen Lord. Tiredness after a long day walk but they couldn't wait till the next morning to go on the road again returning to where they was running away before to tell the good news about the Risen Lord.
The Risen Lord speaks to our heart. God's message is the message of love and it is freely given. It is demonstrated through acts of charity and generosity. When the two disciples heard the stranger speaks from the heart, their hearts tuned into the heart of the stranger and the message became more touching and more meaningful.

The story had a few twists. The first one happened when the two disciples made the comment that that you were the only one who didn't know what was happening in town the last few days. The second twist happened when the stranger became the main speaker and the disciples were his listeners. The third twist happened at the table when the stranger took the place of the host, not a visitor.

The story invites us to be aware of food, drink, language, kindness and charity which are ordinary to our lives and yet they are important for a human life, and when we use them properly their true values revealed the sacramental life.