32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 10/11//2013 - Gospel: Lk 20:27-38
Two worlds
It is admirable for couples who celebrate their mirage jubilee whether it is silver, golden or their diamond jubilee they are all important to celebrate. It is to mark a millstone of their marriage's journey. These people may not be known in our society. They are not celebrities or highly intelligent but ordinary people who have certainly gained the art of living and the wisdom of life. They have mastered the art of giving life and love and also learnt how to receive it. Their married lives have been a struggle as others and yet they try hard to live a life of love. They try hard to follow the teaching of Jesus and the commitment they took on their weeding day. They live the life of being a living Christian witness for Jesus in their daily activities. I have met some of these people who unfortunately their spouses have been reborn into eternal life early and for many years afterwards the remaining member continues to praise his/her loved one and speaks highly about that person with respect and love. The vow of marriage that says 'until death do us part' is a myth for some and yet it is possible for those who place their trust in God.

The Sadducees asked Jesus a question what would happen to marriage after death? This question is a well thought trap. The Sadducees are those who are anti-resurrection. They are more concerned about the present life and not much about eternal life. They discussed about eternal life simply for the sake of argument to deny or ridicule the teaching of Jesus. Jesus used the occasion to teach them about the purpose of this life and about the eternal life to come.

First Jesus says there is a difference between this life we live now on earth and the life to come in eternity. Marriage and procreation are necessary for the continuation of the human race on earth but the life to come it is not needed because people are like angels and they die no more. Pain and suffering will not exist in the nest life and people will live a life which promises full of joy and love. These people continue to love those who they once loved on earth and love as well as everyone else because all are in one God's family.

Second it is not the Sadducees are wrong about the existence of eternal life but it reveals also that they are ignorant of the scriptures. Their interpretation of heaven is taken from the unfaith point of view and worldly love. Jesus was teaching about God's love which is unlimited and eternal and those who love God would live a life of love manifested through the acts of charity, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. These Christians values accompany them when they enter God's kingdom.

Third, Jesus said He was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that they are truly alive with God and God is the author of life. The Sadducees thought Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were dead but Jesus clarified that they are not dead but truly alive. If they were dead they could not recognize God as their Creator.  The reality is that they recognize God as their Creator and that alone confirms they are truly alive.

Pharisees were more liberal than the Sadducees who believed in angels and in the resurrection of the dead.