5th Sunday of Easter Year B - 6/5/2012 - Gospel: Jn 15, 1-8
Reminding is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus promised to send this special gift to the Apostles. The gift of the Holy Spirit promised by God the Father who will send the gift to reveal deeper the works of Jesus to mankind. The feast of the Holy Spirit we will soon celebrate at Pentecost is our soul mate. The Spirit will be our companion on the journey of faith and help us to put God's love in actions. The Spirit is not just simply reminding us of what Jesus has said and done but it will be the guiding force, the ultimate authorised teacher and the supreme revelation about God's love for us. Jesus taught us before the Passion about God's love and the call for a conversion of the hearts, a change to a new way of life. After the Passion Jesus taught about opening of our hearts to welcoming the coming of the Holy Spirit and listening to its teaching.

Before sending down the Holy Spirit Jesus has already initiated the process of reminding and the revelation about God's love. We find that every time he appeared to the apostles Jesus reminded them of his passion and resurrection. The very first person who received the gift was Peter who got a 'wink' from Jesus during his trial. We recall at the Last Supper Jesus fore told the apostles that they would all betray Him. Peter boldly and publicly declared that even if all other apostles did he alone would not. Before the cockcrow you deny to know me three times, said Jesus to Peter. Indeed, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times when the servants challenged that he was one of the twelve. Jesus looked him in the eyes and that made him remember what Jesus had predicted about his faith in Him.

Not Peter alone but all the apostles on different occasions received the gift. On the way to the Emmaus the apostles reported that they met a stranger who happened to be walking on the road with them. The stranger explained to them what was said about Jesus in the Scriptures must be fulfilled. He began with Moses and went through to the prophets who had written and prophesized about a suffering Christ and who would fulfil the will of God, the Father by accepting the cross. People are slow to believe what the prophets had said about the risen Christ because of their lack of faith. The conversations between the stranger and the apostles reminded them of something news that is the benefits to look back, to do an examination of the conscience daily based on the teaching of Jesus. On this occasion the examination was about the suffering and the cross Jesus had to bear before his glorification. It helped to remember what they previously had heart from Jesus himself.  At the end of the day the stranger on the road revealed his identity that he was the Risen Christ who appeared to walk alongside with them and explain to them about the Scriptures - Lk 24,26ff. On this occasion the reminder instrument was listening and seeing the breaking of bread.

Jesus appeared to his apostles again. He showed them the holes of the nails made on his hands and feet. He then ate in front of them to show that He is the real Jesus who had risen from the dead. The gospel says 'then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures' Lk 24,45. The reminder instrument on this occasion focused not on hearing but on seeing the wounds and the feelings of touching his wounds.